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August 12 2017

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THIS is one of the many reasons why I ship these two.

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B.P.R.D. 1947
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elite knight. i wanna try and do dark souls fanart

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Gun Souls

“Let the hunt begin!”

Kind of got inspired by both dark souls and bloodborne together, they’re really fascinating games that kept my creativity interest in medieval and old times in a dark fantasy sort of way.



I don’t care if it’s “a cash grab” or “to score fake woke points,” if a company wants to make Nazis and white supremacists the bad guys in their game, I’m all for it. I want them to not be able to read a review, walk down the street, or look at a news site without seeing or hearing someone saying how fun Nazi Puncher Simulator is and how much it makes them want to punch nazis irl. I want Nazi Puncher Simulator to make it to the top 10 Games Ever so they never stop hearing about it.

i think of this every time i see someone complain when a big company does something progressive or constructive.

“It’s only for PR” yeah but if walmart puts an nondiscrimination policy in place it helps everyone who works for them regardless of why they’re doing it. It also forces other companies to follow suit or lose progressive business to walmart.

The public influencing big companies to do progressive things helps normalize progressive concepts.

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Day 3 (favorite quote):

“Oh, my goodness gracious! I’ve been bamboozled!”

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hellboy - pancakes (1999)


7 reasons why solarpunk is the most important speculative fiction movement in the last 20 years



  1. It’s hopeful. Solarpunk doesn’t require an apocalypse. It’s a world in which humans haven’t destroyed ourselves and our environment, where we’ve pulled back just in time to stop the slow destruction of our planet. We’ve learned to use science wisely, for the betterment of ourselves and our planet. We’re no longer overlords. We’re caretakers. We’re gardeners.
  2. Scientists are heroes again. And not just physicists and astronomers. Knowledge of biology and earth sciences matter, they’re the building blocks for a future on Earth. Scientific literacy isn’t just for academics – it’s part of daily life. People know how the things they use work, and if they don’t, they can access that information. 
  3. It’s diverse. Solarpunk is rooted in using the environment, so it looks different in different places. Alternative energy is best when specific to place (I imagine geothermal, wind, tidal, and hydroelectric energy sources are still used in certain places) so no overarching government system is needed. Communities can organize themselves, taking their own location and needs and history into account. Brazilian, Inuit, Egyptian, Pacific Northwest, and New Zealand solarpunk can all look very different, but be unified in resourceful, intentional, low impact living.
  4. Individuality still matters. In a post-scarcity society, ingenuity and self-expression are not sacrificed on the altar of survival. With solar power there’s no reason not to go off grid, if that’s what you want to do. Communities can self-organize. You can find a community that suits you, or go live by yourself if that floats your boat.
  5. There’s room for spirituality and science to coexist. Solarpunk is rooted in a deep understanding and reverence for natural processes. There’s room for spirituality there, be it pagan, Buddhist, Sufi, Transcendentalism – anything. There’s so much to explore, from nature worship to organized monotheistic religions, and how they interact with solarpunk.
  6. It’s beautiful. The most common solarpunk aesthetic is art nouveau, but again there’s room for diversity, incorporating art styles from multiple cultures in respectful, non-appropriative ways. The most important aspect of solarpunk aesthetic is the melding of art and utility. The idea of intentional living is strong in art nouveau, but it’s not the only art movement with that philosophy.
  7. We can make it happen. Now. Earthships. Permaculture. Aquaponics. Algae lighting. Compostable products that turn into fields of flowers. Buy Nothing organizations. Tiny, beautiful, efficient homes. Solar power cells you can see through. That’s all happening now. Solarpunk is within our grasp, at least on a personal level. I’m not saying there aren’t still big, ugly infrastructures devoted to unethical consumption, but we can start to tear them down. We can build a solarpunk world with stories and small changes. And small changes lead to big changes. That’s the real beauty of solarpunk. It’s not a post-apocalyptic power fantasy. It’s not a wistful daydream, or an elite future only for physicists. It’s something we can work towards right now. It’s tangible.
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PS. If you are feeling helpless and sad about America today, I recommend Sara Benincasa’s thread on Charlottesville-area nonprofits to donate to. The only way to combat hopelessness is by taking a small action to make your community and world what you think they should be. 


sometimes………ships that are canon…………are worse

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[clutches my pearls] Trans people in 1921?!??! But I thought trans people were trend of today’s youth!

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Nightwing (2016) #20

I thought it came from his hopes of making a difference ? That everyone can be helped if you give them a push ?

And people wonder why I don’t like the version of Batman DC’s been trying to push since N52 ?

You’re right. What makes Batman, Batman is the fact that he cares for everyone and doesn’t want what happened to him as a kid happen to others. And I feel DC has lost sight of what truly makes their characters great. Hell I’ve been reading a lot of back issues (pre 52/rebirth) and you can literally feel the difference in the characters. You remember that DC has a past that is so great (my bias) that trumps marvels. And the writers truly knew how to write the characters, for Batman specifically you got the right amount of the dark Brooding, intelligent, snarky ass, that truly cares for the victims and criminals but also has that great friendship with the league and the how Superman and Wonder Woman where more than friends but a family to him.

August 11 2017

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a very silly little comic about a good father and a dramatic son

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This speaks to me on multiple levels~

There’s still good




Straight man playing dream daddy to prove he’s progressive while making homophobic and transphobic comments throughout vs straight woman playing dream daddy for “hot sinful yaoiz”: fight

Why would they fight they both love dehumanizing gay men

They’re a straight couple

Of course they fight

RT @tsleilwaututh: Are you against the Kinder Morgan pipeline and expansion? Please support First Nations legal fund.… https://t.co/8SmYRisOLY

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If you’re not supportive of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline, you can help First Nations like Tsleilwaututh Nation who are taking Kinder Morgan and the Canadian Federal Government to court, by donating.

Donate here.

Share the above tweet here.

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“then let me do it!”

rvb ladies night - the ones that kept me watching (3/3)

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Batman #23

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